Catherine Stansfield

Catherine is a recent graduate of Caldwell University in New Jersey where she has earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. During her time at the university, she was named winner of the English Department's "Excellence in Writing" award for three years in a row (2015-2017) and was the recipient of the English Departmental Award for Outstanding Achievement and Highest GPA. She has been a contributing writer for House Tipster, Blasting News, Living Life Fearless, Richard Magazine, and Caldwell University Magazine. Currently, she works as a publishing assistant and graphic designer for Writer's Relief. Check out some of her writing here!

Great news! I have a poem forthcoming in the Spring 2019 issue of Mount Hope Magazine! Check back soon.

Faculty Feature: Kyle Bennett Turning Thoughts into Action

The vast nature of philosophy drew Kyle Bennett to the discipline. “The thing that I love and enjoy about philosophy is that it studies everything,” he says. “I see philosophy as a tool belt that equips us with reasoning skills and how to ask good questions. It helps us do what we want to do in more coherent ways.” He wants others—including those who have no interest in philosophy—to see how philosophy can improve their daily lives and how everything they do affects others.

BoJack Horseman Season 4 Proves to Be Netflix’s Most Artistic Original Yet

Netflix’s original animated-series is a staple of artistic innovation. The creative teams’ choice to depict trauma through that of an animated horse is a testament to the program’s commitment to innovative storytelling and stunning art. Season four brings perhaps the most creatively stylized animation to modern television, while also incorporating design choices into their narratives. This critique is spoiler-packed, so please proceed with caution!

Maria Elena Couture - NYFW Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

“Don’t carry a label, carry a unique style with cache,” declares Cuban designer Maria Elena when describing the vision behind her eponymous label Maria Elena Couture. What does this mean? Well, based on the luxurious contemporary handbags she distributes, “unique style with a cache” is all about making typical travel more fashionable for the modern woman. Maria Elena’s purses are bold, statement pieces for on-the-go fashionistas that retain a versatile functionality usually reserved for less dec

How the Tiny Home Movement Represents Millennial Culture (And Why This May Not Be a Good Thing)

The housing market is shrinking, and not just in an economic sense, but in the actual dimensions of homes which are being downsized to 200 square feet or less. Tiny houses are the new trend in home design and architecture, even taking over the home improvement network HGTV. HGTV’s lineup of property flipping and dream homes now features three shows with a smaller focus; Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House, Big Living, and Tiny Paradise.

Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy – NYFW Spring 2018

Vintage-inspired, quirky streetwear once again took the forefront in Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy’s spring collection. This eclectic brand founded by Sean Kinney, a leading fashion designer and marijuana farmer, captures the vibe of New York-influenced industrial clothing. Unlike other labels tackling street-chic, Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy embraced fashion’s recent thrifting and scavenging craze with a refreshing organic touch. These are sweaters and crew neck sweatshirts that feel accessible, em

Choosing a Vanity to Suit Your Sense of Style

Depending on your style, your vanity may be the furniture piece in your room that you interact with for hours, or you may only spend minutes before the mirror to prepare for the day. In either case, your vanity is a major facet in your home design scheme. Your vanity can not only speak for your personal sense of style, but it can tie into your room to create another eye-catching set to display your design sense. Let your vanity not only speak for your beauty routine, but for your skills as a hom

Social media response to Trump’s ban on transgender individuals’ right to serve

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, President #trump said he had banned transgender individuals from serving in the U.S military. He stated on his official twitter account that transgender individuals will not be permitted to serve in the armed forces “in any capacity.” However, the LGBTQ community, as well as their allies, have voiced their overwhelming support of transgender individuals’ right to serve and their disapproval of Trump’s ban. By coming together on #social media, American people everywhe

Beloved web mascot Pusheen the Cat teams up with Petco

The #Pusheen brand led by a bouncing gray tabby #Cat, the eponymous Pusheen, is expanding to even greater proportions with its new collaboration with #Petco. Petco has developed a collection with the Pusheen team to bring the lovable mascot into homes across the country. These new Pusheen-inspired products have been designed with pets in mind, crafted with prints that liken back to the delightful cartoon cat. According to Pusheen’s official blog, the character was created by Pusheen Corp as an

Supergroup Exo’s new album ‘The War’ named US Apple Music ‘Best of the Week’

Nine-member K-POP group #EXO has shown global domination through the release of their new album, ‘#The War,’ which is topping the charts across the continents, including the U.S. Although only promoting with eight members on their fourth, full-length album released on July 19th, their devoted fans have stepped up to the plate to bring the group to new heights. With nine tracks in total, Exo’s new album has amassed an overwhelmingly positive response, as displayed through their impressive album

Anastasia Beverly Hills launching 'Subculture' eyeshadow palette

#Anastasia #beverly hills is a staple beauty brand for all makeup lovers, from beauty beginners to seasoned professionals. In addition to their signature collection of brow products, Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for producing "buttery" and "pigmented" eyeshadow palettes in a unique range of long-wearing shades. "#Subculture" is set to be another winner for a brand slated to revolutionize the beauty industry. Over the years, Anastasia Beverly Hills amassed over 14 million followers on their

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